Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 3: Montserrat/ La Terrazza

This day may be one of the best days on our trip. I think we reach Montserrat after lunch. According to wikipedia, Montserrat is located in Catalonia near Barcelona. This place is highly recommended if you want to see nature. We had lunch over looking the rocky mountains. We then take photos of the monument were you aren't allowed to climb. Actually, we got the idea from the boy who climb the monument. Sorry I don't have a photo to show you,it is all on Jack's camera. Everyone knows that I am scared of heights so I only went as far as the third step. (Think of the try again moment. Inside joke with my cousins)
This photo was taken on our way to Montserrat. We don't have advance tickets and I don't think they sell one so we end up sitting on the floor. Initially, everyone planned to sleep on the train but as usual, sleeping didn't pan out. :P That's Jack pretending to look at the Map. Lloyd, Mr. Input(not on the photo),probably had the itinerary in mind. As for myself, I just go with the group. I didn't plan for this trip at all.
This photo was taken as soon as I got off of the Cable Car Ride. I am not good with heights. Everyone knows that at this point so they tease me in between photo shots. They saw how scared I was in the Sagrada Familia Steps. This is a great shot isn't it? I like my tanned skin. Vanity alert! :P

This photo was taken after hours and hours of hiking. I think beside eating and taking photos, we hiked a lot on this day trip. We walked at least 20000 steps on this day. I wish I can show you the photo of the Monastery. It reminds me of Indiana Jones, carved monuments on the wall. Check my facebook account for details. :P The train runs everyhour on our back so we decided to stay at a bar nearby. You'll die to know that the "BAR" that they are referring to is very much similar to the cheap bars -tambayan/inuman sa kanto- in the PH.

The night that we went crazy. The place is called Poble Espanyol. Free entrance at night and 8 Euros at day time. Hahaha! We went the next day to take photos of the place but they asked for 8 Euros so we left. They have a free concert that night. We first went to an outdoor spot and had few drinks. The place is free and it smelt of Ganja. I think you can smell Ganja everywhere in Barcelona.
Originally, me and my roomies planned to have an early night - leave at 3AM. This night turned out to be one of the bests! Markus said the La Terrazza is the place to be in Barcelona and he was right! We paid 18 Euros for the entrance and with that, we got one free drinks. I went for Vodka Redbull of course. I think I left for the loo as soon as I ordered and when I return, Markus got us a round of Tequilla. Tequilla and Vodka is a good combination. I was in the mood after a few minutes and we started dancing. First on the side post then on the ledge. The next thing we knew, we were shouting dance, dance, dance asking the crowd to dance with us. I didn't meet anyone although the couple asked me,as I remember, to go dance with the dutch guy. Meeting someone isn't on my agenda so I didn't take any action. LOL! I like this night out. No inhibitions. Also, this is the night that I discovered that Markus has a salsa hips. He can dance pretty well for an English guy. I am pleasantly surprised. :)

Oh, I forgot to add, the very same night we went to a Filo Restaurant. It is actually more like a carinderia with filos drinking/smoking and talking loudly. Me and Lloyd were seated next to each other and we both can over hear the Filos conversation. It was funny. They were talking about the girl's exes and who got her deflowered. Typical for Filo guys. They can fool around but they want their wives virgins. Anyway, it was a good cheap meal. :)





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