Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 2: Barcelona Sight Seeing

We had a busy day planned for the next day. We went to the Train Station to buy tickets for the Pamplona and Madrid trip. My friend Melay tried to book the tickets online but couldn't. It turns Spanish everytime she goes to the next step so she gave up. Buying tickets at the train station is epic. For one, they have 2 ticket numbers - one for Telephone booking and one for the queue on the same day - both without English Instructions. Good thing they have an information booth nearby or we will all be very very lost. The service is very very slow. The numbers keep on jumping on the till. It added to the confusion even more. It was lunchtime then so we headed to McDonalds. Oh boy, the slowest fastfood service I've encountered in my life. It took as a good 30 minutes to get our orders and we were 5th in the queue. They put everything in a separate paper bags, read it again, separate. Imagine, one bag for chips, one bag for burger and one bag for softdrinks! Softdrinks, yes you are reading it right and for the finale, one big paper bag for all. I've never seen anything like it. It was very neat for fastfood standards. If you are hungry, do not go to a fastfood restaurant or you'll die of starvation. :P So when we finally had our orders, we head back to the Train Ticket counter and booked the Train Tickets. We are afraid that the tickets will be sold out as the Bull Run Fiesta in Pamplona is very popular. We wasted at least 2 hours in the station but secured our spot in the train. :)
This photo was taken at the Barca Store. I must say, they have better store than the Madrid Football team. I know cause we went to both. We had testosterones with us people! The boys did their shopping here. The jerseys are very expensive - at least 85 Euros for print and shirt.

At the cafe near the Sagrada Familia. We paid 11 Euros to get in and another 2 Euros to use the lift to get a view of the City I guess. You won't be able to see much inside so I don't really recommend going. But the ticket says donation. The Sagrada Familia is still in construction. 30 more years it say.

We went to a long walk/hike to see the Guell Park with Gaudi's creation. It was very long that we were sweaty when we reach the top. The background was overlooking the city of Barcelona. My camera isn't powerful enough to show you the city in great detail. (In the photo - Jack, Me, Lloyd and Melay). I must say, the walk/hike is worthy.

The Drac. It's one of Gaudi's famous creation so I am not sure if taking a photo like this is even legal. I am a Filo and will do anything to have a good photo. :P

This was the night that we lost Melay and Markus. We were supposed to meet on the Port Olimpic but the driver dropped us far from the spot. We waited for at least 30 minutes before we decided to walk to towards the other bar strip only to find out that Port Olimpic was across the road. When we finally found Port Olimpic, we tried looking for them but it wasn't fruitful. So me and my roomies Jack and Lloyd took matters in our own hands and went to the first bar that we saw. Entrance are mostly free on the strip but drinks are a rip off. Drinks are at least 10 Euros per pop. The next day, we asked the couple were they went we were told that they went to a Salsa Bar. The thing is, we stopped half way through our search of them and the Salsa bar is at the end of the strip. Guess we are not meant to see each other that night. :P





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