Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 1: Sunny Edinburgh

We were blessed with good weather that day, very rare for Edinburgh. The weather was so good that we almost did everything on our Itinerary. :P
This photo was taken outside the Edinburgh Castle. The place was packed! It was the same day as the Duran Duran Concert. We didn't go inside the castle though. We don't want to spend money on it. Living in the UK, I've seen so many castles and to be honest, I am over it now.
Inside the Tartan Factory. Good thing the tour inside is free! I took a photo like this and all my jealous girlfriends followed. Just kidding!

Yup, posing like a sales assistant. I wonder if I can put this on my CV. Pretend sales assistant in the Tartan Factory.

Whisky Museum. We wonder why people who goes inside leave after 5 minutes. We knew the answer when we get to the reception - you have to pay £11 for entrance and tour and we are not up for it! We have better things to do with our time.

£1 donation per photo. We put in £1 alright but in copper.

We found this park while we are looking for our Hotel. I think the park is called west ___ gardens. I am not being helpful aren't I?

This is just one side of the Hotel Room. Can you see how huge our flat screen telly is? On both sides were Donna and Darlene's bed and we got a huge bed between me and Doris. Not your average hotel room, high ceilings, sitting room, cabinets and treasure chests! 5 star it is!

Okay funny story about this hotel. My friend Doris was so disappointed that she told the receptionist that the photo in the internet doesn't resemble the place itself. That's how disappointed she was so I had to tell her about my trips abroad and how nice this hotel was compared to the ones that I've slept in. We concluded that she was expecting a good hotel fascade where this was is just normal. (Edinburgh looks like a big castle so she was expecting a castle like fascade.)

That's the castle on the background and the castle like city.

The fascade that Doris was expecting. :P

Over-looking the City of Edinburgh. Photo taken in Calton Hill.

Anything for good photo. Donna helped me so I can get to this thing. She is a good friend. She knows that I have to have a good photo.

This high!

Me and Date Doris.

Random Spanish Boys. We asked them to take photos of us and Donna asked them to take photos with us.

We saw a poster like this after taking this photo. Funny.

We wanted to do something that we haven't done before. God answered our question with rain. We have not bathed in the rain together before - all four of us.

Me and Donna with Mud Pac on.

We've been planning for a girly night since we saw the cute cupcakes from Waitrose. We finally got our wish. Dressed in our best sleep wear, we put mud pac on each other, took photos and eat cupcakes. We did our nails the previous night. This is girl porn for you all! :P





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