Tuesday, 3 March 2009

F*ck My Life

Have you heard of the website f*ck my life? :P My friend Luke introduced me to the website and whenever I'm feeling down, I go there to cheer me up. A bit twisted I admit but my entry today is F*ck My Life Worthy!

I went to my college early and motivated. I hate accounting, everyone knows that for a fact but today I feel like I need to finish revising for CAT 2 and take the test ASAP. My friend Darlene transfered to my class. She sat next to me today. We were discussing accounting in Tagalog when the tutor told us off. Understandable cause he doesn't know how to speak my language. After 30 minutes, he told us that he is gonna discuss CAT 3 and asked if there is anyone who wants to opt out. I raised my hand and told him that I am doing CAT 2 at the moment. I was reading the book by 30 minutes or so then. 10 minutes in his lecture, I opened Free Cell and started playing and 5 minutes after playing he grabbed my shoulder blades so hard to the point that I started to cry. Now, I am not a cry baby, I don't show emotions to people that I am not emotionally involved/closed with. I was crying for a good 20 minutes when he asked me why I was crying. I said cause it hurts so much. He said he was sorry but I don't want to accept it. I continued with my studies but couldn't stop myself from crying. He apologised 1 more time. I said, I go to college not expecting to get hurt by anyone. I also told him that I am considering on reporting him to the office. He said that I should go ahead and he will go there after the lecture anyway. My friend Darlene left and went to the loo. I followed cause I couldn't take the situation anymore. She and I discussed the sequence of events and one of my classmates from the class went to the loo and told me that I should just forgive him(the tutor) and forget everything. My gut feeling tells me that what he did isn't right so I went ahead and reported the incident to the Administrator, without crying this time. My friend Darlene backed up my story and the Administrator is very sorry for the incident. I said, I don't want him to get fired or anything, I just want them to know that something like this happened. Me and Darlene went back to class and everyone walked out as soon as we got there except for the Blonde Black Girl. She said that I should have not reported David, my tutor, cause without him we wouldn't be there. She also said that whatever happened in the four corners of the room should have stayed there. I told her that it is my right. What he did is very unacceptable. By this time, the secretary asked me to go to the office again. Allan, the administrator, asked me what I wanted to do with the situation. I told him that I wanted to be transfered to another class which he agreed to. He then suggested that I should go home and rest for now. I don't what else happened there. All I know is that, the whole class hates me for doing the right thing, people are writing petition on whatever happened and the tutor told another tutor that I was lazy. FML!


Trisha said...

i think you are so stressed out that you tried to suppress what you were feeling, then you suddenly burst. i hope you are feeling better now. and i am so proud of you for standing up for what you think is right. :)




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