Monday, 3 May 2010

Day 1: Anawangin Cove

We've been very lucky.  I tell you, from the time we left Manila to the time that we get to our own places, luck was on our side.  Just like what I said on my previous blog entry, we didn't come very prepared.  We left Manila at 8AM and was in Olongapo just after lunch.  We took a quick break to buy few things and as soon as we get to the bus station, we were able to get into the bus that will take us to San Antonio.  From San Antonio, we met a Tricycle driver who knew someone who we can rent a tent to and we could take us to Anawangin Cove for a fee wayyyy cheaper than we have expected.  

People in Pundaquit are very friendly.  They are very helpful to tourists.  I think it helps that George can speak Ilocano, a dialect widely spoken in that area.  No worries for people who can't speak Ilocano, most people can speak Tagalog too.  :)

This is how a tricycle look in Pundaquit.  It's interesting that tricycles look different in different areas in the Philippines.  :)
In the "pier" where we took the boat.  The bad hair was the result of the ordinary bus ride from Olongapo to San Antonio.  Case Closed.
Better take photo of Mama Cy. :P  The designated/willing photographer of the group.
The "Pier".  Very full that day.  Most of them locals.
The boys setting up the tent.  To be honest, I can't set up a tent.  Yes, I am useless.  Last time I went camping, I went with a soldier and he did everything for us.

Campsite covered in Pine Trees. 
View from our camping area.  It was high tide when we got there.
Mother Georgie's solo pic.  Rock Formation Alert!!!
We were lucky to have Cyrus with us.  He made cooking with wood easy.  Remember, we don't have any burners with us.  Everything was improvised from Stone Stove, to cooking utensils.  It was fun seeing everyone in action.  Again, me as the spectator.  :P
We went loaded with canned goods and junk food. 
Steamed Hotdogs.  It was surprisingly delicious.
The finish product.  Rice with Tuna and Steamed Hotdogs.  :)
In the afternoon while the boys are looking for woods, me and Kendi decided to take photos by the beach.  We saw people climbing the mountain so we decided to give it a go.  We got no regrets.  The view from the top is breath taking.  It only take us maybe less than 15 minutes to climb the mountain.  I was able to put my strong legs to test.  It didn't disappoint. 
Got loads of photos of him trying to hold the sun with his hands.  This is the best one.
View from the other side of the mountain.  Going up is easy, going down is a challenge.  You work against gravity, fear of falling and slippery sand.  They don't have safety rails there.  Just strong grass and young bamboo trees.  It was worth the try though.  If you go to Anawangin Cove, this is something you shouldn't give a miss.
Bonfire.  We cook hotdogs by the fire.  It took a long time but it's worth the wait.  We later had drinks and I was dead by the second bottle of The Bar.  Woke up early the next day to climb once more.  :P





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