Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 5 - Pisa then home:(

Pisa High Street

The church that was made of Solid Marble.
Dress from New Look, Flats from Primark and Blazer from Zara.

Can anyone please explain this sign to me? No drinking?

Can you see the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the background?

At the bus stop.

Shot on the train back to Rome.

I love Pisa! The place is very relaxed. For our last day, my Aunt took us to see the Leaning Tower. The Piazza is small but impressive. We only spent an hour there as the bus ticket is only valid for 60 minutes and we are time constraint. Yes, it is a bit different in Europe. Back in the UK, you can buy a bus ticket which you can use for a whole day, in Italy, there is an unlimited bus ticket/valid for 60 or 75 minutes. Anyway, we left and went to Pisa Centrale as we need to change our tickets. We bought tickets from Firenze to Rome which is about an hour and a half from Pisa. We want to leave from Pisa and spend more time there. After 3 tries, we succeeded into changing our train tickets and we proceeded to the Pisa High Street. We didn't do any shopping, it wasn't part of our plan. After Pisa High Street, we went to Cinese Ristorante(chinese restaurant) and hurried to Pisa Centrale. The adventure didn't end there...
We got to the Fumicino Airport more than 2 hours before our boarding time. We were assigned to Terminal C but it was closed when we got there. An hour before our flight, me and my sister went to the Information desk and asked about Terminal C and we were told that we should go to Terminal B to get to Terminal C. They didn't leave any signs! We went into an epic queue to get to the Security Control! We only had less than an hour then and we had to ask one of the Security People if we can by-pass the queue, he said yes but when we got to the control, they said that the queue is closed. We had to asked the same Security People for another by-pass and he directed us to another queue. The group in front of us is kind enough to let us into another by-pass. We experience another epic queue in the Passport Control and again, we had to look for another Security Personnel to let us by-pass. It took us 15 minutes to find the right personnel that will let us by-pass. The worst part is, Non-EU passport holders are slower queue and we are Non-EU passport holder. We only had 20 minutes left til our flight, way past over the boarding time. From the Passport Control to Terminal C, we had to run for 10 minutes. From B to C, you had to take a train. KILL ME! We missed the first one as we don't leave our mum behind. When our train arrived, we were all feeling worried that we might miss our flight. We had to do another run again and made it to the finish line. Oh, what an experience! :)





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