Saturday, 11 December 2010

Winter Wonderland Experience and MORE!

I had a very amazing day with my dear sister.  As I've blogged before, she rarely goes out with anyone.  She prioritises her school above everything else.  

It was her last day at Uni yesterday.  Good thing that mum arrived early in the morning from Abu Dhabi or our plans will be cancelled.  I met up with her at Paddington and we were on our way to Hackney when she suggested that we should go to Platform 9 3/4.  I've been before but I suck in directions.  We were lucky to find it with no help.  I have to warn you, the area is covered with scaffoldings but you will still be able to get a good shot depending on the angle.  

I love a good bargain.  I was researching online and I found out a good Burberry Outlet in Hackney Central.  I didn't realise how far it is from Central London.  We had to take the overground to get there.  Getting to Hackney Central is easy but finding the Burberry Outlet is not, at least for us.  We spent a good hour getting lost only to find out that we were almost in the right direction.  We didn't buy any as we can't afford anything and to be honest, I am not a big Burberry fan.  I found few pieces that I like but I don't have the budget for it. Calling Secret Santa!  LOL!

We went to Edgeware Road to visit the Topshop Outlet store but I mistakenly took down the wrong tube station.  Sorry my sis!  We were in the Circle line when we were supposed to be on the Northern Line.  4 zones difference!  My sister was very hungry at this point.  She would settle for anything to eat.  We were walking aimlessly but we couldn't find a normal restaurant.  It doesn't feel like we are in England still as all restaurants are written in Middle Eastern language.  

We went to HK Diner in China Town for dinner.  We were both starving then and my feet is in a lot of pain.  I still can't sacrifice looking good to comfort.  Hahaha!  After dinner, I asked my dear sister if she wants to go to the gay district but she said NO.  We wanted to go to Oxford Circus(to check GAPX Valentino, I saw stocks while on the bus) but got on the bus that will take us to Hyde Park so we went to Winter Wonderland earlier as planned.  It was nothing I've expected.  I am so used to Third World's Boom na Boom and it's nothing like it plus the entrance is FREE!!!  Rides aren't but FREE entrance is good enough for me.  They have food stalls, cash machines that charges £2.50 per transaction, rides, bar, skating rink and a bar.  It definitely feels like Chrismas to me.

I slept 10 hours this morning plus another 3 more this afternoon.  I was tired but I am happy that I was able to spend a day with my sister without any fights.  We've definitely matured.  :P  Ai Wei Wei, you can wait.  

Babe, I'll take you to Tate Modern and Winter Wonderland on your R&R.  Let's go on a London Date. X

 Platform 9 3/4 in St. Pancrass.
Super Hungry sister in HK Dinner.

 Do you remember the Stella McCartney shoes babe?  I love these Burberry Shoes.
 Taken from the bus.  I love Oxford Circus' Street Lights.
 Hamley's display window.  Nothing beats Selfridges.

 Pay attention to the sign Luke.  Found this and thought the stupid name will make you smile.

 One of Winter Wonderland's Slim Santa.
 I didn't realise that Jamie Oliver is taking over the world.  They've got a restaurant here too.
 My sister will try this soon.  I hope she survives.
She actually wanted to rides last night but I said No.  I was traumatised with her.  Once we were in EK, she was sitting next to me while she was panicking.  I had to tell her to think of God.  SERIOUSLY!

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