Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Film Date, Food Date

I had an exploding diarrhea this morning.   

As many of you know, dear boyfriend is here for his two weeks R&R.  I haven't seen him in 3 months.  On his first day, we didn't do anything apart from eat and watch films.  Both things we both love and enjoy.  :)

Fely J's Kitchen - Greenbelt 5

Mr. Banks wants filo food.  I told him that although he's in the Philippines, it is difficult to find a restaurant that serves filo food.  I only know a handful - Cabalen, KKK, Max's Restaurant.  Although I've been to these restaurants, I don't know where to find them in Makati.  

Luke is not choosy with food.  He doesn't have any allergens apart from melon or watermelon but choosing a food that he will like is still difficult for me.  I wanted him to eat and try everything!  :P

Garlic Rice(PHP85) per serving.
Sizzling Sisig(PHP 175).  The portion is enough for 2 people.  We both liked this although this was supposed to "sizzle" while being served.  :P  
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod(PHP 145).  I don't recommend this.  Fresh Lumpia should come with peanut sauce but when I asked for one, they said that it was marinated to the lumpia.  It taste bland.  I was disappointed as I was looking forward to eating it.
Pork Satay(PHP 255).  This is pricey but the pork was seasoned and marinated well.  The pork is very soft.  The peanut sauce is marries well with the the pork.  I wish this comes in a big portion though.  I can easily polish up this order.

We were both satisfied at the end of the meal.


NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET  - Luke wanted to see Iron Man 2 but unfortunately, the film is not available in Makati.  I know that Nightmare On Elm Street was a remake but I didn't see the original film so I still have no idea how the story goes apart from what Kate told me.  I like scary films but I hate it when they use knives.  This isn't the film for me.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it and I was jumpy throughout the film.  Just don't like the idea of knives or anything knife-like that kills people.  :P

If you are gonna ask if we had snack during the film, the answer is yes.  We both have dairy queens - I got a moolate and Mr. Banks had a blizzard.  Just to prove how fatties we are.

IRON MAN 2 - Yes, they didn't have it in Makati but I know that they are showing Iron Man on SM Cinemas so I took Mr. Banks to SM Megamall in Ortigas to watch the film.  I expected nothing from it since I've been hearing how bad the film's storyline was.  Well, I gotta to tell the haters that I love the film.  Mickey Rourke is a very effective antagonist.  Love RDJ's arrogance too.  :)

Orchard Road - SM Megamall

Although I had a hotdog during Iron Man 2, my cravings for anything cooked is still unsatisfied.  I wanted something spicy.  Been craving for indian food for almost a month now and I still haven't found the right indian restaurant.  Although Orchard Road is not a chinese resto, eating something with curry will do. 

Step 1:  Fill up order form.  This reminds me of the Go Fan! Restaurant in SM North EDSA.
Step 2:  Pay at the cashier(till).
Step 3:  Wait for your order.  Sorry for the blurry photo but I just want to show how the Orchard Road restaurant looks like.

We had:

Rothi Pratha with Malay Curry(PHP110).  Highly recommended.
Samosa(PHP 55).  It comes with a sweet chili sauce.  I know. 
Malaysian Chicken Curry Set(PHP 195).  Luke told me that this curry reminds him of his mum's cooking.  :)  At the end, my craving for spicy food was satisfied.  With so much food combination, It wasn't a surprise that I had diarrhea this morning.  Lesson Learnt?  I got nothing.  LOL!





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