Monday, 14 March 2011

Philippine Eagle Center, Eden Mountain Resort and Matina Town Square in a day

Philippine Eagle Center:

As I've mentioned on my previous blog, Luke wanted to go to the Philippine Eagle Center.  We are currently staying in Marco Polo and when we enquired, the tour would have cost us 9000PHP, that's like one YSL Arty Ring in my language.  :P

Here's what we did.  We open the guide book.  Luke wanted to take the taxi but I don't trust the taxi people here.  It's expensive and they don't give out change.  It's as if we are in Manila.  Anyway, the guidebook said that we have to get off to Calinan and take a motorcycle from there.  Luke asked if we still trust the book and I said yes.  I had to put all my trust to it as I hate the feeling of getting ripped off.  Thankfully, after more than an hour and 35km L3 and motorcycle ride, we reached the Philippine Eagle Center.  

Here's the breakdown of what we've spent versus the 9000PHP Marco Polo Tour.

L3 from CM Recto to Calinan - 80PHP for 2 people
Motorcycle Ride(As in single na motor)  -  100PHP as the guy didn't have change.  We were generous that day.  I was thinking," I want a pimped out tricycle".  We rode a single instead of tricycle.  It was so much fun.
Entrance to Philippine Eagle and Park -  55PHP each person
Motorcycle ride to the terminal - 30PHP

I am not a big fan of zoos but the Philippine Eagle is one of the must see place in Davao.  First, it is not a rip off.  I'll blog later about the Crocodile Park.  Second, the animals feels like they were in their natural habitat.  I can't say anything negative about it.  The Philippine Eagle Cafe is not a rip off too.  Luke and I had so much fun!

The motorcycle that Luke and I took to the Philippine Eagle Center.
The Philippine Eagle Cafe.

Luke's amazing photo of the Philippine Eagle.  Look how sharp it is!!!
The Philippine Eagle Museum at the background.
The L3.  Similar to FX but cheaper.

Eden Mountain Resort:

I've heard so much good things about this that I can not not go.  I don't know if I've mentioned this in my previous blog entries but Luke and I didn't have a concrete plan about Davao.  We only wrote things that we wanted to do and that's it.  No directions or addresses.  Nothing.  I expected to be greeted by tourist companies in the airport but we weren't.  

Whilst in the L3 to Catilan, I asked the driver how to get to the Eden Mountain Resort.  He said if we wanted to go, get off at Ulas and take a jeep to Toril and from Toril take a tricycle.  That's just what we did.  On our first day and the first time we took the taxi in Davao, the driver offered us to drive to Eden Mountain Resort, return for 2500PHP plus another 1000PHP for the crocodile farm. Good thing we didn't as we were both disappointed with both tourist spots.  I mean, coming from the Philippine Eagle and spending less than 500PHP everything will feel like a rip off.  Luke and I took the Shuttle Tour.  I remember telling Luke that I feel like I paid to hear advertisements.  :P  The spot overlooking Davao and seeing Luke touch Makahiya for the first time were the two good things that came out from it.

The Umbrella.  I asked Kuya why his tricycle is different from the normal tricycle.  He said, they were called "Umbrellas".  Paid 400PHP return from Toril.  I think it's a good deal considering it's 13KM each way.

This is what you get for paying 180PHP each for the snack/ entrance fee.  We both felt ripped off.  We didn't opt for the buffet as we weren't that hungry.

Matina Town Square:

As recommended by Cocoy, we went to Matina Town Square.  It was a Saturday and it was very busy.  This place is a must go for big barkada.  It gives out a inuman feel.  They had a live band playing old karaoke songs that night and made me miss my girls back in Manila.  

Luke and I ate in a place called Goat's eye.  We tried their sizzling goat which Luke and I both love.  We ordered cheese sticks spelt as chiz which Luke couldn't stop making fun of.  We also had calamares.  It was perfectly cooked.  :)  

After Luke commented about the lovely night we were having, I choked with the spice from my sizzling sisig.  I turned tourette at this point and told Luke that I am gonna smash the bottle in his face because I blamed him for not ordering drinks soon enough.  He did say, "kuya" though but they didn't hear him so I had to shout.  I told you I'm f*cking mental.

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