Sunday, 13 March 2011

Marina de Bay, Palawan

This is an honest account of what we have experienced from Marina de Bay.  Some good, some bad.  You have been warned.

Luke and I took the honeymoon package.  It was 10980PHP per person for 4 days, 3 nights of stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner included, welcome drinks with chocolates, bottle of wine and fruit basket, rejuvinating spa treatment, city tour, honda bay tour and underground river tour.  Sounds nice huh?  

First Day:

Our flight to Puerto Princesa was 3 hours delayed thanks to the ever reliable Cebu Pacific.  When we arrive, we couldn't find the van that will pick us up.  I had to call Marina de Bay to inform them that we have arrived and few minutes later, the driver found us.  Marina de Bay is located 25 minutes away from the City with the view of the bay.  :P   I was expecting a beach view but never mind.  We were given our welcome drinks.  Good thing as Luke and I are both thirsty.  Straightaway, the concierge asked me if it was okay to bring the wine later.  She didn't mention the chocolates or the fruit basket.  Dinner time arrived, we went to concierge to claim our free dinner.  She said, it wasn't included so we went back to our room to double check and went back again to the concierge to tell her that it was included.  She told us that she was gonna double check it with the manager and that might just be a typo.  We went to our room and received a call asking what time we are going to dinner.  The food was nice, the staffs were attentive and the ambiance was okay.  Later that night, I heard a scream from Luke.  He found a live cockroach in our room.

Second Day:

Luke and I were scheduled to do the Underground Tour.  When I asked the concierge for the pick up time, she said, 8:00-8:30AM.  The tour guide arrived at 8AM and we had to be rushed.  Halfway through our trip, we were told that ID is a must before boarding the boat that will take us to the Underground River.  We weren't informed but thankful that we had our IDs with us.  We arrive from our trip and found the fruit basket ready.  Since Luke and I had nothing to do in Puerto Princesa, I asked him to "claim" our rejuvinating spa.  We arrived just before 4PM and had to wait for he masseuse at 9ishPM.  They didn't inform us.  We had to wait the whole time.  We did asked every hour though and they were very apologetic.  The massage was fantastic!   The masseuse were very nice and we felt very relaxed.  Luke found another cockroach and I found a very non-absorbent towel with holes.  

Third Day:

Hurray!  Our chocolates and wine finally arrived but not on the same time.  We had dinner out as we were bored with the food that they served.  Don't get me wrong, they were nice and the staffs were very friendly and accommodating but we were tired of the same grilled viand, plain rice and side veggies.  No cockroach this time and towels with holes,just non-absorbent.

Fourth Day:

We were taken on a city tour.  The driver and the tour guide, both from Marina I think were very chatty and friendly.  The packed food was amazing!!!  We were given 2 sets, burgers and rice with grilled fish and pork.  The burger was very succulent.  As for the rice meal, we gave it out to the waiting drivers.  

The Room:

The room was okay on filo standards.   It was not okay for Luke.  He is a foreigner by the way.  He said, the room was too dark for him.  I have to agree with him on this.  The dark colour of the room didn't help either.  The nipa absorbed too much light.  You can't open any of the windows too.  

The Service:

The staffs were very friendly and accommodating.  I can't say anything negative about them.
The massage is a must try!!!

Everything else:

No facilities.  No safety deposits on rooms.  You have to ask for the manager to keep your things on their safety deposit.  We didn't dare do it.  
No swimming pool.
The shower was just okay.
Shampoo and soaps were provided but I suggest bringing all your toiletries.  
We were provided with coffee and tea but no kettle in the room.
No free drinking bottled water too although I can never be sure.
The room was big.
There is a smoking area at the back of each villa.
There was a telly with 3 channels - 2,7 and 13 or 4.  
Wi-fi was very weak.  We can't connect at first.  





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