Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bits and Pieces

So I haven't blogged in ages so let me write an update about me:

a.  Last December 20, after 54 days(according to my mum's calculation) of battling cancer, my dad passed away.  He was only 54 years old.  The last few days for him was very difficult.  He was vomiting blood and was bony.  Let's pray for his soul.

b.  During my dad's wake, we met his son from another mama.  He is now 17 years old.  Makes him the youngest of his 4 kids.

c.  I am still undermeds.  If everything goes well, I will be okay by mid-April.  If things go our way, I will be in the UK by end of April.  :)  Please pray for my health.

d.  Luke visited me for 12 days.  As per usual, we went on a holiday.  We chose Cebu this time, an unplanned trip.  We stayed in Cebu City for 4 days and 4 days on Malapascua.  It was a much needed trip.  I wanted to get away from everything.  
In Cebu, Luke and I didn't do much apart from half day of walking tour.  We didn't go to the Regency Tower as Luke doesn't like heights.  I don't wanna do everything on my own either.  Ang retarded lang.  At night time, we eat.  We ate and ate that now I'm 57kgs heavy.  My meds aren't helping either.  It's supposed to make me fat.  KILL ME.  
Zubuchon Lechon!  The skin was very crispy and its meat flavourful.  Just looking at the photo makes Luke and I hungry.
Curious what this is?  I was too.  I saw this whilst were doing our impromptu walking tour.  I bought two from the guy selling siomai.  It was only 2.50PHP each.  I thought, what a cheap delicacy.  It wasn't. It was rice wrapped in coconut leaf.
I look like a pregnant matrona here.  Hahaha!
Luke calls this style, sumo head I think.

At first, I told Luke that I hate Malapascua because there aren't much to do and the place was dead by night time.  The real reason was, I was being a bitch because I lost my contacts and I wanted to replaced it straightaway so I can see better.  In reality, I loved it.  There were no filo tourist and noone bothered with any tour.  Luke read somewhere that it's the other way around.  It's the tourist who have to ask the boatmen to take them on a snorkelling trip.  Noone walks around with DSLR in their necks.  There are lots of Italians I feel like I'm in Italy.  When Luke dives, I spent most of my time in his laptop watching Curb your enthusiasm.  It was a perfect holiday for a lazy girl like me.  
On our last day in Cebu, I took Luke to Tabo-an Market.  He hated being dragged in a public market full of dried fishes.  The stench is horrendous and I smelt the whole day!  Before going to bed I asked him if I needed to shower.  He said, you don't need to but your hair smells a bit.  I wonder how he mastered saying things lightly.  

Here are few funny moments from our trip:

a.  In the airplane, Luke was complaining how filos take their seat belts the moment the airplane landed with the seat belt sign on.  Guess what happens?  Luke take his too.

b.  In our hotel room, I was very gassy.  Luke said he need to fart and I said, I need too.  I counted 1, 2, 3 and let out the most loud fart in my life.

c.  In the taxi, I asked the driver what Pit Senyor is.  He said, Pit is alaga ba.  Alaga is pet in English.  In the Visayas Region, they interchange E with I and O with U.  I had to hold my laughter.

Thank you baby for taking me on holiday!  xxx





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