Friday, 15 April 2011

Greenbelt Food Trip

 I have to be honest, when Luke's around, I really do make samantala of the situation.  We both love to eat and I take him to all restaurants that I wanna try.  Thank God he has very few allergens and can eat pork.  :)

CYMA - Greek Restaurant:

It took us ages to get decide which restaurant we wanted to go.  It was supposed to be Luke's last day here in Manila but fortunately/unfortunately, it was extended.  His visa has expired(without him knowing, someone at the FWUK f*cked his visa up) and he wasn't allowed to travel so he stayed few more days in Manila to sort that out.

In CYMA, we ordered, flaming sausage, pita with aubergine(talong yan sosyal lang dahil UK) dip and chicken and lamb kebab.  The flaming sausage was served, FLAMING with the staff shouting OPA!  It must be one of their pakulos in their restaurants.  Wow!  I am sounding more like a conio in this blog.  Sooo not me.  Hahahah!  The chicken kebab was amazing but the lamb is very chewy.  The pita starter was very filling. We had a hard time finishing our meal when the mains came.  I only had one stick of kebab and had the rest the following day.  Yup, I take doggy bag, ALL THE TIME!


I think I've been to a fine dining before.  I must be, I've been to lots of restaurants before but I can't remember my experience.  :P  Luke and I passed by Sala Bistro and we were both intrigued.  Later that night, we went to dine at that restaurant.

First off, they have unlimited bread.  Hahahaha!  When we finished our first basket, our second basket was immediately brought to our table.  At this point, we have already ordered our Mozzarella Salad starter but we still happily munch on the bread selection.  The Mozzarella Salad was nice.  For our mains, Luke ordered a 400g ribeye steak which costed him 1950PHP and I had saltimbocca.  Both mains were fantastic!  We were both able to finish ours with a bit of difficulty from eating too much bread.  I can't say anything negative about the service.  I love the ambiance, I love the jazz music playing in the background.  Everyone around me oozes sophistication apart from the lady in the table next to us who took the matters in her hands on cleaning the table.  Nagpagpag si ate.  Di nakapagaral ng GMRC.
Luke loves dessert.  It shows naman sa figure niya.  LOL!


Whilst Luke was browsing through his guide book(foreigners do keep guide book with them when they travel.  I think it's a waste of money but he thinks otherwise.) he found a restaurant called Oody's.  Now, this restaurant is not new to me but I never get the chance to go as I don't have anyone to dine with.  The timing was perfect as I was craving for Thai food then.  Luke wasn't really excited about it as he has been to Thailand the week prior to his Philippine trip but my needs and cravings are more important than his.  Hahaha!  We ordered tom yum soup which disappointed me.  It wasn't spicy at all and the guy heard the order wrong, we got 2 orders instead of 1 and he insisted that I did order 2.  I was in a happy mood and didn't wanna argue with the waiter so I accepted 2 orders.  The red curry was what I was expected and the satay was mediocre.  I was satisfied about the meal but Luke said that it was expensive to what it was worth(READ:  Unhappy about his meal).  

Oh, did I tell you that we met up with my friend Egg?  She was in the area with her brother - cute brother.  Hahahaha!


With a bit of googling, I finally found the name of the restaurant.  Thank you modern technology! :)  Luke and I went to this place twice - once to get  a fruit flavoured soda and the other time to have dessert.  I told you, Luke loves his dessert.  I remember when I used to visit him in Thailand, we would always have dairy queen, auntie anne's and S&P after each meal.  No wonder I put on so much weight during the course of our relationship.  Luke, I blame you for my extra weight.  :P   He had banoffee I think which was very very sweet with another Italian flavoured soda.

I miss dining with people!  Has any of you been to any nice restaurants lately?

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Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Those pictures of the food look very, very tasty. I love these posts hahaha! I've been to a very good Italian restaurant the other day. very cheap but high quality food!




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