Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sitting, Sh*tting and Waiting

I am unemployed for almost a year now.  It was fun at first, I didn't have any responsibilities, I don't have to wake up early in the morning, work on weekends, do my house chores in between and I can go travelling any time I want to.  I thought this is the thing that I want but it's not.  Clearly, I wasn't fit to be called the lady of leisure.  I actually hate it when people labelled me as one.  It was my choice yes but it is a difficult one.

I left work for one massive reason that I am not gonna talk about here.  Everyone knows what it is and I won't explain either.  I had the whole year explaining to everyone.  I actually dread attending functions and answering "what do you do now" question.  It was always followed by a long explanation about why I am not working.  Sometimes, I felt the need to lie but I refrain to.  I am not a good liar.  I sweat when I lie and I can't even keep a secret.  So when people say, "Oh, you are a lady of leisure."  I just politely smile.

I can't sleep well last night.  There are a lot of things going on my mind.  They weren't sad thoughts.  Just, how am I gonna make money.  I miss having steady income.  My webstore's income is not enough for me.  I have daily expenses that I need to take care of.  I have two choices, take a job that will pay well or take a job that I like.  I can't have both here in the Philippines.  I either have to have a good connection or a long working experience. I am still dreaming of working in the fashion industry.  That's what I've always wanted to do and will work hard for it.  But I have problem finding a company that will actually invest and see my potential.  I started applying work today.  3 of the most reputable companies in the Philippines.  I won't settle for less now.  I will try and get a job in the best company there is in the country and get a solid experience.  The past 2 years of my life ruined my CV but I don't have regrets.  I made my choice.  

I am prioritising my work and career now.  Hopefully, everything will work out.  


Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

I've written about this exact thing on a Dutch website. My blog piece was about that dreaded question "what do you do now?". Since I'm a bad liar as well, i just tell them the truth. There is no shame in it though, don't let anyone mess with your mind. Don't focus on things of the past or even what you do right now. Focus on the future and how to better it. I'm pretty sure you'll do fine. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You like fashion?...Try "Coats Manila Bay , Inc.". Look for Ms. Phoebe Grace, my batchmate from Manila Science High School (or the likes of the 'El Capitan' Mr. Alvin Patrimonio).

Send your CV to Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways, Jetstar Airways and Air Asia as FA. You will definitely pass the 'experience' part by just linking them to your blog..Goodluck ! - Tito Charlie




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