Friday, 25 February 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Leek

Let me tell you first how much I love my friend Melay and how I wanted to get to their wedding.  The wedding is in Nasugbu Batangas, the reception in Tagaytay, Macy did my make up in Cavite and I live in Quezon City.  I woke up late on the day of the wedding.  I normally wake up at 6AM to have a chat and coffee with Lorraine instead I woke up at half past 7AM, left at half past 8AM, reached the MRT at 9AM, took the bus to Baclaran, took another bus to Talaba, from Talaba, I took a jeep to Molino and Macy picked me up from there.  I changed 7 times just to get to Macy's and we drove for an hour and a half to get to Caleruega.

Melay instructed us to arrive 20 minutes before the ceremony started.  Macy, Edgar and I saw her arrived in the bridal car.  She radiated happiness.  I've never seen a bride so happy.  Her image is forever etched in my mind.  

At 3PM everyone was ready apart from the priest who arrived late and Melay's friend who arrived after the ceremony.  It was actually okay if she wasn't part of the wedding entourage but she was the person assigned to the light candle.  The coordinator asked me to do the candle instead.  Whilst on our way, I told Edgar and Macy that I don't wanna do the candle and was thankful that as a bridesmaid, I don't really have anything to do in the wedding.  I was wrong.  Hahaha!  

I cried on the first sight of Melay walking down the aisle.  I anticipated it but I didn't know that I would be that happy and instead of tears of joy, I had hagulgol of joy.  I wonder how will I do on Joana's wedding.  :P  
The priest was good but over the top.  His homily was long.  He should have edited some of his speech and should have sang once.  The only thing I remembered apart from his bad singing was - ordinary things remain ordinary until we found that special someone that makes it extra-ordinary or something like that.  He showed photos of Bike - Markus thought Melay how to cycle in Lake District,  Lager, their first drink was in a pub, I think it was oakford in Reading, Longsilog, Melay cooked filo meals with Markus.  I was expecting Balut cause Macy and Edgar made him eat balut the night after their date in Reading.  In one part of the wedding, Melay was supposed to say "yes father" but she said "I do!" instead which made everyone laughed.  After the wedding, we were allowed to take photos of the newly weds and I broke down when I saw them.  Melay instructed me not to cry as she didn't want to cry so I had to leave and calm down.  Hahahaha!

Macy, Edgar and I left after dinner as I need to go home to Novaliches and my right is badly infected.  I think I might have a conjunctivitis or eye infection and Macy needs to go home to their new born baby.  We left at 8PM and I got home at 12 midnight.

If I love you, I'll do anything for you and this is how I love my friend Melay.  I travelled 8 hours yesterday just to go to her wedding and I prayed hard to delay my conjunctivitis which is acting up for 4 days now.

Enjoy the photos of the newly weds.  :)  I still cry looking at their photos.

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